Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice, also known as converted rice, is treated at the harvesting stage while still in the hulls. It is soaked and steamed, before being dried. This process alters the nature of the starch, resulting in transparent grains that will be less sticky and more separate when cooked. It also allows some nutrients to transfer from the hull into the grain, giving a more nutritious product than untreated rice. Parboiled rice takes less time to cook and the cooked rice is firmer and less sticky. In India, parboiled rice is very popular in the southern states. It is preferred for making idly and dosa, as well as kanji for babies and elders, as it is easier to digest and better in terms of nutrition than raw rice. Parboiled rice has less calories, it is low in fiber and soothing to the digestive system. This rice is cultivated in abundance all over South India, mainly in Tanjavoor district of Tamilnadu


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